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HR Recovery Initiative

HR Recovery Initiative (HRRI) is a unique non-profit organization, located in Atlantic County, New Jersey, which works in collaboration with other local nonprofits to provide services to victims and survivors of human trafficking.  Unfortunately, Atlantic County and surrounding areas, due to the proximity to the casino and agricultural industries, is a popular destination for human traffickers and their victims. Human trafficking has remained a mostly hidden crime due to the force, fraud and coercion traffickers employ over their victims. Victims will sometimes suffer for months and even years as a result of this egregious violation of their rights. While services are improving, there are still few resources available for this population.



To provide intervention services and recovery techniques to victims of human trafficking of all types in a safe, proactive, survivor-centered manner. We strive to supportively engage other required service entities that are needed to complete the self-determined, holistic recovery and help prevent future victimization.



Through our combined research and service data collection efforts, we will contribute significantly to the efforts for universal coordination of recovery services and legal statues on local, state, federal and international levels for victims of human trafficking.         


             OUR  VALUES           

Respect, Acceptance, Ethical and Moral Conduct , Accountability, Humility   


Our goal is to let the victims and survivors know that no matter where you are, we are all working together to support your emancipation and the restoration of your rights.

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