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     HR Recovery Initiative is a unique non-profit organization that works in collaboration with other local non-profits to help services victims and survivors of human trafficking. Donations made by philanthropic individuals and caring businesses like you help us to provide needed services to people to help them recover from this egregious crime against their human rights. Our wonderful volunteers are working hard performing outreach efforts and gathering necessary items to help victims become survivors. Without these important funds we would not exist.


     Human trafficking has remained a mostly hidden crime due to the force, fraud and coercion traffickers employ over their victims. These victims will sometimes suffer for months and even years as a result of this horrendous violation of their human rights. As a result, there are few resources available for this population. Not only will your donation help HR Recovery Initiative bring light to this issue to help change that, together will also be helping those that are enslaved find new light and reconstruction of life.


     For your convenience, donations can be made online at, in the included envelope, or a member of our team will pick up your donation in person. See below for items needed year round.


     We offer our most heartfelt gratitude for your donation and we hope to let the victims and survivors know that no matter where they are, we are all working together to support their emancipation and the restoration of their rights.

As with any new organization, whether non-profit or for-profit, funding is always an struggle.  Your contribution will go a long way.
Thank you!

HRRI is looking for dedicated volunteers to help with all programs regardless of age, gender, or experiences. All are welcome to apply. 


If you suspect a case of Human Trafficking report it.  Call 1-888-373-7888.  If you suspect imminent danger call 911.  Do not intervene on your own.

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