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Shore Diner

6710 Tilton Road
Egg Habor Township, New Jersey


Shore Diner - HRRI Partnership

Shore Diner located on Tilton Road in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey has been a magnificent friend and partner of HRRI.  When presented with the HRRI coupon, Shore Diner has generously donated up to 20% of the cost of every meal to HRRI.  Without great partners like Shore Diner agencies such as HRRI could not exist.  

Download and print the coupons. Present the coupon to the Shore Diner cashier upon paying your check.  Shore Diner will donate 20% of the check for those meals purchased on Saturday or Sunday and 10% of the check for those purchased on the weekdays.

Please give a coupon or two to your family and friends.

Thank you!


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